Nanjing jin lang group co., LTD. Was established in January 2008, investment 60 million yuan, is located in nanjing jiangning economic development zone, general road no. 669, plant area of 20000 square meters, now has more than 300 employees. Software company has: "information technology", "wind power components and equipment", "auto parts and industrial automation" and "hydraulic system and equipment" four divisions.
Specialized is engaged in the modern manufacturing and product lifecycle management consulting and services (PLM and CAD/CAE/CAM/PIM/KBE; in the megawatt wind power equipment components and system research and development, production, sales, research and development and production of the auto parts, intelligent manufacturing overall solution; the hydraulic system design, production and sales, the product sells in distant markets domestic and foreign market (USA, Europe, Japan). The advanced concept, first-class ?